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One Year

Willa Kathleen is one-year-old today. On the one hand, just as everyone said, it is shocking how quickly this first year has gone. Shocking. On the other hand, I can’t believe I’ve only known Willa for one year.

I also can’t believe how incredible I think she is, even though she doesn’t even talk yet. Or really know anything yet. What I mean is, she’s my favorite person in the world. She’s the coolest girl I know. She’s the funniest person ever. But she has yet to say one, single sentence. HOW MUCH COOLER WILL SHE GET??

I failed miserably in my attempt to keep an updated blog going while Willa was growing so quickly. I don’t know why I thought I’d have the time to be an awesome writer when I’m always so busy (being the biggest procrastinator who has ever lived ever).

I recently got a call from a friend with a three-month-old. He said that his wife is feeling incredibly overwhelmed, their families are far away, and would I know anyone who can help. I’m touched that anyone would come to me for any advice; it occurs to me that the only reason this keeps happening is because I’m very good at *appearing* to be in control and cool and calm and collected while kind of crumbling on the inside.

I don’t think anyone realizes just how lonely being a mom is, and I say that as a person with an unbelievable network of friends in Los Angeles. If I do have any advice for a new mom, it is this: find a group, a class, any grouping of other moms with babies. Whether it’s a dumb, fun music/swimming/whatever class, a Parent-and-Me group, or a Mom’s Club, being around other women who will talk about their vaginas and nipples fearlessly will make you feel so much less alone. I started the Atwater Moms’ Group in my town and it’s been marvelous.

So one year down. I no longer have an infant. As of today, she’s a toddler. A getting ready to walk, loving music, constantly dancing, always giggling, infinitely happy toddler, with her already walking, loving music, constantly dancing, always giggling, infinitely happy mom.

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