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Catching up on adventures

Willa Kathleen has had some pretty specTACular adventures these last couple weeks. They include:

– Going to the flea market twice

– Nursing in a parking garage

– Going to a barbeque at Auntie Mary Elizabeth and Uncle Charlie’s house, where she was held by lots of fun people and Auntie Artemis made fart noises on her fat rolls and played her like a bag pipe

– Visiting her papa’s Grandma Judy, who is in failing health, but always smiles when she sees Wizza

– Watching Twilight: Eclipse at Mommy and Me Movies in Los Feliz and silently judging her mum for being eternally fifteen where Twilight is concerned

– Helping Mum do all her community work, which basically means running lots of errands and sometimes having lunch with people from the LA City Council President’s office

– Dancing and singing with lots of other Atwater Village babies at her World Citizen Baby class, held at The Cradle Company

– Sleeping for seven hours in a row without a feeding and starting to find her own sleep schedule

– Going out to dinner at Canele and Palate and Kuma Sushi

– and most amazingly, giggling for the very first time.

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