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I’m thrilled to say that Rookie Moms, the very blog and book that inspired to take an adventure a day with my Wee Willa, posted a piece I wrote for them! You can read it right here:

Today we had several adventures. We started our day with a long walk around the Silver Lake Reservoir, which has always been one of my favorite places in Los Angeles. I’ve never walked the entire length of the Reservoir until today, however. During my eternal pre-labor at the end of my pregnancy, when I was walking a good, oh, ten miles a day trying to kick start this farkahkte labor, I tried to go all the way around. At forty one weeks pregnant with a behemoth child, I was quite a sight. One woman called out to me as she jogged passed, “You are amazing!” A gaggle of teenage girls gawked until one finally asked, “Ahmahgah, how pregnant are you?” So today I wanted to finish what we started two months ago.

Willa, of course, passed out immediately, and stayed asleep for the entire two and a half miles. Someday she will stay awake long enough to actually enjoy one of our adventures, I’m sure of it. Scott and I had a wonderful walk, though, and it was nice to have the time to just talk to one another. It was one of those I’ve-never-loved-you-more-than-right-now moments.

Walking by the very busy and very cool Silver Lake Rec Center, with their amazing playground, I was struck by how hard it is to imagine my Willa as a toddler. Walking, running, talking, falling, getting up. It’s hard to even conceive of her even holding her head up with just slightly more control than a drunken cartoon sailor. But I know that time is already speeding up more than I want it to. I look back on the last two months and it feels like two weeks. I keep replaying my delivery and our first moments together over and over in my head so that I will never forget exactly how it felt. I am trying to burn every smile, every moment of recognition, every coo, every attempt at singing, every AWESOME belch, every new milestone into my consciousness, like a daguerreotype. We sit and regard each other all day long, our faces inches apart, and I imagine how this (most important) person (in the world, to me) will evolve, how she’ll look, who she’ll be. And I feel so anxious knowing that so much of who she will become is up to Scott and me. The enormity of the responsibility is overwhelming.

Leaving Silver Lake and heading to lunch, Willsa had a meltdown of the highest degree. She was clearly famished, so we pulled over into the Albertson’s parking lot so I could nurse her. But when I took her out of her car seat, she’d had an epic, once-in-a-lifetime blowout. She was wailing and so clearly upset, and I had to make a judgment call: Nurse her first/Change her first. I nursed her first, using a sweater I found in the car as a poop shield for me. It was so disgusting that I sort of shut down and just stared ahead, not even bothering to get out my Hooter Hider. I just held myself very still, waiting for it to all be over.

Meanwhile, the girls in the car next to us (dressed VERY fancily, mysteriously with feathers in their hair) were having some sort of argument. Whatever was happening between them had made them pull into this Albertson’s parking lot in a bit of a fury, so we had about a good two inches between our car and theirs. I slithered out of the front seat, where I’d been nursing, and walked sideways, holding Willa in all her poopy glory above me.

I changed my darling baby in the back of my Equinox, using that poop shield sweater as a changing pad (of course I’d left the house without a changing pad). Somehow, this poor child had gotten poop from her waist to her toes. HER TOES. I don’t know how she did it. She’s clearly in a league all her own. Very advanced. We are all very impressed.

Miraculously, we got her changed and happy and we reeeeeaaalllly washed our hands before eating lunch.

Tonight, we sang songs. Willa tries so hard to sing with me. It’s astounding. She watches my mouth and starts to babble and tries to find the notes. She’s so obvi the next Mozart or Lennon/McCartney/Harrison or Bieber or whatever. Obvi.

Tomorrow is epic: Flea market. Grandma visit. Barbeque at friends’ house.

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